Fermented home baked bread
145 -
Organic butter with seaweed
115 -
Organic butter with boletus & truffle
145 -
Murmansk sea urchin
295 -
Eggplant humus with sun dried tomatoes, home baked bread and pumpkin oil
295 -
More than a beetroot (cured beetroot, goat cheese cream, fig)
295 -
Deer carpaccio with truffle balsamic, sun dried tomatoes, pickled onion and camembert mousse
515 -
Beef tartare with boletus aioli and black truffle
435 -
Murmansk salmon tataki with truffle sauce, tomatoes and radish "snow"
555 -
Vistynets whitefish sugudai with soaked lingonberry, sour apple and Russian ponzu
425 -
Forshmak of Baltic herring with rabbit and soaked apple
295 -
Burata with pink tomatoes, peaches and truffle balsamic
570 -
Parfait of poultry with pine cones jam and home baked bread
295 -
Vinaigrette salad with Kamchatka crab, baked root-crops and beetroot mousse
595 -
Romanov salad (salad leaves, sun dried tomatoes, roast beef, and Baltic sprats sauce)
495 -
Romanov salad (salad leaves, sun dried tomatoes, roast beef, and Baltic sprats sauce)
495 -
Avocado Royal (salmon tartare, pink tomatoes, avocado cream, black caviar)
995 -
Avocado Royal (salmon tartare, pink tomatoes, avocado cream, red caviar)
595 -
Jar of caviar (served with pancakes millefeuille and cheese eclairs)
3600 - / 895 -
Cream fish soup with salmon, pike perch and ptitim
395 -
Russian Borsch with prime beef and home made lard
395 -
Cheese eclairs/ Kamchatka crab/ Avocado/ Spicy chili sauce
595 -
Salmon gravlax/Smoked eel/Cod's liver mousse
325 -
Homemade lard/Black caviar/Onion aioli/Rye bread
570 -
Pastrami/Sauerkraut/Onion bread/Mustard sauce
395 -
Smoked eel/Parfait of poultry/Home made brioche
335 -
Pancakes Millefeuille/Red caviar/Seaweed sourcream
390 -
Pancakes Millefeuille/Black caviar/Seaweed sourcream
570 -
Baltic sprat/Goat cheese/Fragrant oil
295 -
Vistynets whitefish with green asparagus, bulgur and shellfish veloute
715 -
Baltic pike perch with cabbage cream, broccoli and scallop sauce
Murmansk salmon with green perlotto, caulliflower and fried sour cream sauce
695 -
Black pelmeni (dumplings) with Baltic fish, red caviar and fried potatoes mousse
445 -
Pike perch rissole with potatoes cream, broccoli and forest mushroom sauce
455 -
Grechotto (buckwheat risotto) with chanterelles, parmesan cheese and boletus mousse
395 -
Beef tenderloin with black chanterelles, potatoes mousse and black pepper sauce
895 -
Roe deer with topinambur cream, root veggies confit, parfait of poultry and soaked lingonberry
1295 -
Sirlon steak with purple carrot, asparagus and black garlic
850 -
Duck breast with pumpkin and apple cream, fried fig and elderberry sauce
635 -
Lazy lasagna with lamb, spicy sauce and camamer mousse
495 -
Chicken breast with gnocchi, chanterelles and spinach sauce
495 -
Honey cake
365 -
Black truffle hunting
365 -
345 -
Seasons chocolates
295 -
Apple tarte with vaniila cream
335 -
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